1:1 Virtual Stress Management Coaching


Have you been told you need less stress - like now? Maybe you haven’t been told that, but you’re simmering with an unhealthy level of stress that you can’t quite get out of. Perhaps you have even started to have alarming physical symptoms, like heart palpitations, constant headaches, or weight gain. Stress is at the root of many chronic health conditions, and you’ve heard that - but don’t know how to get things back on track. To make matters even more stressful, there are a MILLION suggestions for reducing stress. “You need to do yoga,” says your sister. “Just go get a massage,” says your coworker. And my favorite, “just relax!" The reality is, we all have different stressors and need different ways to deal with them.

In my 1:1 virtual Stress Management Coaching program, I work with you to help you work through the clutter and find what works for you. I work with you to help you become more resilient to stress through diet and lifestyle shifts, find ways to have better balance, identify where you can make changes, and help you stay accountable as you implement them. I also help you to develop strategies for when life starts throwing curveballs at you in the future, because that’s an inevitable part of life!

Years ago I had been told by multiple doctors that I needed to find ways to reduce my stress, and I have personally been able to become much more resilient when life gets crazy. Through a decade’s worth of work toward getting “less stressed,” along with proven strategies I learned at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I know you can get to a place of less stress too. You just need a compassionate coach to help you develop these stress management skills and get your life back under control!

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How Does the 1:1 Stress Management Coaching Work?

  1. We have two phone calls per month for 50 minutes each for three months. In the first session, we talk about what you’ve tried, what you’re hoping to gain by working together, and WHY. This is the super important part! From there, we create SMART goals that you will be working toward. After each session you’ll have one or two things to work on before our next call. Each call starts out as an update on how things are going, what worked and what didn’t, and then we start talking about the next things to try.

  2. In between sessions, I'll be checking in with you weekly via email or SMS. This is helpful when things aren’t working, you are having an “off” day, or need some inspiration and accountability. I can help you course correct if you're having setbacks (which happens to EVERYONE at some point. Promise.)

  3. At your last session, we discuss how you can keep your momentum going.

Note: This program is not a crash diet and doesn’t require you buy some multi-level marketing product. Stress Management Coaching is all about sustainable change, and even if those “fad” programs and products DO work for some people, they almost never work for long. I share with you proven ways to make changes that you can carry with you in the long run so you don't have to keep chasing the next quick fix. Sound good?

1:1 Programs start at $300/month with a 3 month minimum commitment. Discounts and payment plans are available. Book a free sample session to get started.


How much does it cost? 1:1 programs start at $300/month for a minimum 3 month agreement. Discounts and payment plans are available. That is a small investment to make considering that you learning life-long strategies that will improve your stress level for the long-term. How would having less stress improve your quality of life? How would it improve your health? Many clients wish they had started the program sooner, because coaching works!

What do I get?  Two 50 minute calls per month, plus weekly check-ins via email or SMS over the course of four months. I’ll also share pertinent hand-outs, resources, and articles that are specific to your situation that help you jumpstart your success.

How do I sign up?  Start by requesting a free sample session. Here we’ll get to know each other and determine if we’re a good fit. If we choose to work together, I’ll send over an invoice. Please note that payment is due prior to our first call. You'll also receive a questionnaire that you will be asked to complete before our first call so we can make the most of our time on the phone together.

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Coaching Works!

The best thing was being held accountable by a supportive and positive coach. Sara was a great person to work with to help create an actual lifestyle versus a diet. She helped find creative ways to implement activity into my busy days. She helped find ways to reduce stress where possible and to encourage self care. Sara was fun, upbeat, and found good ways to keep me on the right path.
— Lauren, 2017 client

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