Coaching Programs


Unhealthy habits weren't developed overnight. They have been years, or even decades, in the making! That's why quick fixes and crash diets don't work for the long haul in terms of health. Real, sustainable change comes in baby steps. I’ll coach you through it - step by step and give you the accountability and inspiration to stay strong as you build your new, healthy lifestyle.

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1:1 Virtual Health Coaching

You’re tired all the time, and feel like you can never get ahead. If only you had more energy, you could get the things done on your to-do list and also pursue your other interests. But that feels way too impossible. Or maybe you’ve tried every diet under the sun, but you still can’t keep the weight off. Perhaps you just can’t seem to focus, and it is impacting your performance at work and at home. With my virtual 1:1 health coaching program, I help keep you accountable and provide 1:1 support and inspiration. In this 3-month long program, you’ll (finally!) start feeling more like yourself.


1:1 Stress Management Virtual Coaching

Stress taking over? There's no doubt that stress can poorly impact your health. In this program, we work together to identify what “self care” and stress management means to you, and how to implement more of it in your life. I'll help you work through times of stress, with tools that you can use for a lifetime. You'll find ways to live more intentionally, simplifying your life around the things you enjoy most. You will also learn your early signs of too much unhealthy stress, and how to course-correct.


60 Day Jumpstart - Mini Coaching Package

Healthy habits take awhile to make (or break!) Many of us are living out habits we started awhile ago and that makes it even harder to change... Too much coffee, not enough sleep, too many sweet or salty foods. It's tough to break habits on your own. That's why you need an accountability partner! I say it to my clients all the time. If you could do it yourself, you would have already done it! Sometimes you just need to enlist the support of an expert. My 60 day Jumpstart program gives you the kickstart you need to make sustainable changes to your health.


Healthy Balanced Hormones Group Program

COMING SOON! Learn how to balance your hormones through diet and lifestyle in a virtual group setting. You'll learn how to restore hormone balance, a cause of many symptoms and conditions (i.e. thyroid, fertility, PMS, PMDD, and PCOS). This group program takes place on Facebook and via email. You'll receive one 1:1 call with me as part of the program (limited availability).


Corporate Programs

Interested in health coaching for your business? Go Simple Wellness can provide you with a customizable corporate package that will help improve the health of your employees and your bottom line!