1:1 Virtual Health Coaching


Are you exhausted all the time? Perhaps you’re facing burnout due to all the demands on your time, and you know what you SHOULD be doing to be healthier, but just don’t have the energy or time.

Or maybe your cravings keep getting the better of you, day after day. The brownies, cookies, chips, and snacks are calling your name 24/7 and you have zero willpower left (and the scale shows it!)

Or your brain fog has you forgetting everything you’re supposed to be doing and you feel frazzled and distracted when you desperately want to focus.

I’ve been there, and I can help you start feeling more like yourself. Throughout the 3 month program, we will have phone sessions 2x per month. In between, we email or text message back and forth for accountability, course correction, or inspiration. In this program, you’ll make progress (finally!) toward your goals, and I help keep you accountable with 1:1 support and inspiration.

Today is a great day to finally take charge of your health, stress, and crazy life. Join me for a FREE sample session to see if coaching is right for you, and to see if we’re a good fit!

How Does the 1:1 Health Coaching Work?

  1. We have two phone calls per month for 50 minutes each for three months. In the first session, we talk about what you’ve tried, what you’re hoping to gain by working together, and WHY. This is the super important part! From there, we create SMART goals that you will be working toward. After each session you’ll have one or two things to work on before our next call. Each call starts out as an update on how things are going, what worked and what didn’t, and then we start talking about the next things to try.

  2. In between sessions, I'll be checking in with you weekly via email or SMS. This is helpful when things aren’t working, you are having an “off” day, or need some inspiration and accountability. I can help you course correct if you're having setbacks (which happens to EVERYONE at some point. Promise.)

  3. At your last session, we discuss how you can keep your momentum going.

Note: This program is not a crash diet and doesn’t require you buy some multi-level marketing product. Health Coaching is all about sustainable change, and even if those “fad” programs and products DO work for some people, they almost never work for long. I share with you proven ways to make changes that you can carry with you in the long run so you don't have to keep chasing the next quick fix. Sound good?

1:1 Programs start at $300/month with a 3 month minimum commitment. Discounts and payment plans are available. Book a free sample session to get started.


How much does it cost? 1:1 programs start at $300/month for a minimum 3 month agreement. Discounts and payment plans are available. That is a small investment to make considering that you are making sustainable changes that will improve your health over the long-term. What would more energy allow you to do? How much would it be worth to you to weight 5, or 10, or more pounds less? How would better health improve your quality of life? Most clients find their investment to pay for itself in the improvements they see and wish they had taken the step toward better health sooner.

What do I get?  Two 50 minute calls per month, plus weekly check-ins via email or SMS over the course of three months. I’ll also share pertinent hand-outs, resources, and articles that are specific to your situation that help you jumpstart your success.

How do I sign up?  Start by requesting a free sample session. Here we’ll get to know each other and determine if we’re a good fit. If we choose to work together, I’ll send over an invoice. Please note that payment is due prior to our first call. You'll also receive a questionnaire that you will be asked to complete before our first call so we can make the most of our time on the phone together.

Why not just have a friend or spouse be my accountability partner? If your husband said "honey, don't eat that..." don't you think that'll be a little bit tough to hear, or even start a fight? Sometimes it can be a lot easier to hear these things from an objective person. Plus, as a health coach I can help you set the right type of goals AND help you navigate how to achieve them vs. just pissing you off by telling you not to eat that candy bar ;-)

Why do a 1:1 program? There are so many free resources out there.  A 1:1 program helps you cut through the clutter. There is SO much information out there and much of it is conflicting. Eat this, don’t eat that. Don’t do this type of exercise, do this type of exercise. It’s confusing because it isn’t personalized! Coaching focuses directly on you and your specific situation, and has regular accountability to help you stay on track.

I don’t want to throw out all the food in my cabinet, or go on an extreme cleanse, or feel miserable for 3 months. Will you be nice to me?  Many potential clients are worried that I’ll throw something extreme at them. That’s not the case at all! Between sessions your homework is to implement 1-2 small changes. Most of my clients report feeling way better just 1 or 2 sessions in! I’m the farthest thing from a mean coach, in fact I try to keep it fun for you. But, since you’re hiring me to help you, I will also be very honest. With compassion, of course!

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Health Coaching Works!

The best investment I made in 2017 was the investment I made in myself by signing up for wellness coaching with Sara Ifert. During my 8 coaching sessions with Sara I lost 10 pounds, started sleeping better, and started enjoying more quality time with my friends and family. Even better, Sara left me with plenty of practical tips and tools that I continue to use everyday. Since working with Sara I’ve lost 15 more pounds and have added more balance to my life.

What I most appreciate about Sara is her ability to listen and offer individualized solutions that work for me. I’m very grateful for the coaching I received from Sara and highly recommend her to anyone who’s seeking a healthier and more balanced life.
— Dan, 2017 client

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