60 Day Jumpstart Program


Do you have a health-related goal that you keep working toward, but can never quite achieve? Are you losing the same 5-10 pounds over and over again? Do you have ridiculous cravings that you wish you could get control over? Do you constantly lack energy and are dying to feel "normal" again?

Most of the time, we think "if I just had more willpower, I could do this!" But relying on willpower is the HARDEST way to make progress. For most of us, it's not enough. That's why you need an accountability partner! I say it to my clients all the time - if you could do it yourself, you would have already done it! Sometimes you just need to enlist the support of an expert. And that's totally okay.

Join my 60 day Jumpstart program, and by the end of your program you'll have made progress to even your biggest health goals! You’ll have 1:1 accountability and support. Plus, you'll have a taste of what it's like to make real, sustainable improvements to your health.

How Does the 60 Day Jumpstart Program Work?

  1. We'll hold a 50 minute planning call where we set a health-related goal for the next 60 days. We'll discuss what you've tried, what you are hoping to achieve, and WHY! Then, we'll come up with a plan for you to follow to reach your goal. Depending on your goal, your plan could include things like trying new foods, implementing a new type of self care, or experimenting with different types of exercise.

  2. After our call, I'll send you your playbook complete with milestones you can work toward over the next 60 days, plus any articles or information that would be helpful in supporting your efforts.

  3. Then, I'll be checking in with you weekly via email or SMS over the 60 day period to see to track progress toward your goal, and to find out what you're going to do that week to stay on track. As your accountability partner, I expect full honesty from you so I can help you course correct if you're having setbacks (PS: Everyone does at some point! It's because we're human!)

  4. At the end of the program, we have a quick call to discuss how you can keep your momentum going.

This is a great way to jumpstart your health with a 1:1 coaching experience, without the full investment of my signature 1:1 health coaching program. But, if you know you need more support, the full 1:1 program may be a better use of your time and money. Learn more about that here.

Note: This program is not a quick fix. I don't suggest dramatic lifestyle changes, crash diets, or gimmicky products. Why? Even if they DO work for some people, they almost never work for long. I share with you proven ways to make changes that you can carry with you in the long run so you don't have to keep chasing the next quick fix. Sound good?

INTRO PRICING!! Just $297 gets you enrolled in the 60 day, 1:1 program! Book your session to get started.


How much does it cost? The 60 day Jumpstart program is $297. That is a small investment considering the REAL progress you'll be making toward your goals. What would more energy give you? How would losing those 5 pounds, and knowing you can keep it off, change your life? Consider that when you consider the cost of the program.

What do I get?  One 50 minute planning call, plus weekly check-ins via email or SMS over the course of two months. Then, one call at the end of your program to outline next steps so you don't lose your momentum.

How do I sign up? Find a convenient time on my schedule here for your planning session. Once it is scheduled, I'll invoice you for the program. Please note that payment is due prior to our planning call. You'll also receive a questionnaire that you will be asked to complete before our call so we can hit the ground running. 

Why not just have a friend or spouse be my accountability partner? If your husband said "honey, don't eat that..." don't you think that'll be a little bit tough to hear, or even start a fight? Sometimes it can be a lot easier to hear these things from an objective person. Plus, as a health coach I can help you set the right type of goals AND help you navigate how to achieve them vs. just pissing you off by telling you not to eat that candy bar ;-)

How is this different from your 1:1 Signature Health Coaching Program?  You receive just 1 coaching call with me in the 60 day Jumpstart Program vs. 8 calls in the full Signature 1:1 Health Coaching Program. The program length is also different, 12 weeks in the Signature Program vs. just 60 days in the Jumpstart Program. In the Signature Program, we're typically working toward bigger goals and have more options for reaching them due to the time and personal attention that is included. That said, the 60 day Jumpstart Program is a great place to start if you want to start reaching your goals, but aren't ready to commit to the full investment of the Signature Program.


Health Coaching Works!

The best investment I made in 2017 was the investment I made in myself by signing up for wellness coaching with Sara Ifert. During my 8 coaching sessions with Sara I lost 10 pounds, started sleeping better, and started enjoying more quality time with my friends and family. Even better, Sara left me with plenty of practical tips and tools that I continue to use everyday. Since working with Sara I’ve lost 15 more pounds and have added more balance to my life.

What I most appreciate about Sara is her ability to listen and offer individualized solutions that work for me. I’m very grateful for the coaching I received from Sara and highly recommend her to anyone who’s seeking a healthier and more balanced life.
— Dan, 2017 client

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