How to Have More Time in a "Busy" Obsessed World


In the last couple of weeks, have you wondered where the time went? Have you felt frustrated with the lack of time to get things done? Have you had to put things off that you really wanted to do? Did you dwell on the lack of time available to you in a day? Do you respond to everything with "I'm too busy!" You may have a love/hate relationship with time! 

Years ago when I was working a high pressure job, I often felt stretched for time. Some days it seemed like I was on a super frustrating roller coaster ride. I would get up and go to work, be busy all day at the office, come home, eat dinner, and then crash on the couch before going to bed. While at the office, I had so much on my plate I often felt like I was in an actual race. I was nearly out of breath from all of the proverbial balls I was trying to keep juggling in the air. This roller coaster ride was on repeat, and I felt so frustrated about never having time for things I wanted to do. Whether it be painting, spending time with my friends, working out, or even cooking a healthy meal. I could actually feel a weight on my shoulders that represented my total lack of time.

So what was the trick to getting off of that roller coaster ride? 

Someone once told me that we all have the same 24 hours in every day. I hated that statement, because suddenly it meant that my lack of time to do anything was actually a situation I had created for myself. I began to realize that my constant feelings about my lack of time weren’t doing me any favors. I wondered if changed my mindset, whether that would translate to feelings of more control over my time. After all, thinking about anything from a glass half empty mindset tends to put you on the defensive. I began to consider the word abundance. If I felt like I had all the time in the world, maybe I actually would find more time! 

So, when I would catch myself thinking negatively about time, I would tell myself, “you have all the time you need right now.” At first, I could feel my body almost revolt against that statement, but after awhile it became an almost calming response. Thinking from a place of abundance became sort of a lifeboat for me. Suddenly I was reframing all of my feelings of scarcity into feelings of abundance. I even bought a necklace with the word “abundance” engraved on it. I wore that necklace for years to serve as a daily reminder that I had everything I needed to be happy and satisfied in the present moment.

Once you have a different relationship with time, you may realize that you want to make some changes. That definitely happened for me. I started to make small changes by prioritizing different things. For example, I stopped caring what others thought if my lawn got a little too long. At one point I even hired someone to take care of the yard work for me, because I realized that hours spent fussing over cutting the grass was not at all a priority for me, and was taking time away from other things that would bring me more joy. Also, I began to notice that the 20 minutes it took for me to wait for my take-out order was all the time I needed to make a healthy dinner at home. It could be done with no extra time investment after all.

My relationship with time did not change overnight. It took a long time, with plenty of slip-ups along the way. But, it is possible to feel better about time. And it could be a key way to get time back on your side so you can do the things that bring you most joy in the world. 

What is your relationship with time? Could you use some help in this area? I can guide you through a step-by-step process to help you experience a similar shift. Set up a free 1:1 sample session to see what coaching can do for you!