Why I Started the Simplify Stress Program


I want to tell you a little bit more about why I created the Simplify Stress 1:1 coaching program. Years ago, I started having some scary health issues. I was at the doctor for a check-up and my heart rate was off the charts. They immediately sent me to the ER. After seeing a specialist, he recommended I find ways to reduce stress, since that seemed to be triggering my elevated heart rate. I was relieved to find out that everything was fine, but also frustrated. How the heck was I going to lower my stress? Let's just say that life was a little crazy... 

I tried a lot of things. Meditation. Vacations. Getting more sleep. Changing my diet. Refocusing my attention on friends and family. After a lot of trial and error, I was able to get myself to a place where I was back in control of my life. I no longer feel run down by stressful times. Of course life can still be stressful, but now I know how to use those moments to power me through instead of wear me down.

Through my training program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, there was a lot of talk about a concept called "Primary Food." Basically, if these things are out of balance, you can be eating a perfect diet and still be unhealthy. Primary foods are things like career, family, relationships, exercise, and spirituality. I have been trained to coach clients in all of these areas (as well as nutrition!) My personal experience with stress as well as my training have led me to create this program, so I can help more people who are on the verge of burnout like I was and help them get back on track.

If you are ready to take control back of your life by managing through stress, burnout, and that overwhelmed feeling, I want to hear from you! Sign up for a free 1:1 session.