Using Vision Boards to Make Your Dreams a Reality


Remember that trip you wanted to take to Europe? Or that craft business you wanted to start? It’s easy for time to pass us by without making any progress to toward our goals unless we focus on them with intention. What we focus on is what grows, so why not keep your goals in plain view? One great way of keeping your goals at the top of your mind is through a vision board. 

How does it work? It’s actually pretty easy. Just grab some poster board and some magazines, and cut out images, words, and quotes that focus on how you want to feel and what you want to achieve. Say you really want to travel more, so grabbing a travel magazine with photos of your desired destination will help it seem like more of a real possibility. It’ll be there, right in front of you every single day. Seeing it repeatedly and knowing that is something you are striving for will help you work toward traveling vs. just wishing you could go.

Vision boards work well because they are so visual. If they focus on how you want to feel, or how you want to spend your time, they will be more likely to become a reality. But, they don’t HAVE to be visual. I created a “Vision Wall” which was essentially several sticky notes with goals for various areas of my life. Things I wanted to do, learn, and be. What I wanted in my daily life. Where I wanted to travel. Goals for my business and myself. I used fun pens to write them out, and put the ones that I wanted to focus on most right next to the doorway in the bedroom. That way, every day it was the first thing I was seeing as I left the bedroom. 

Keep your vision board (or wall!) in an area that you don’t mind leaving it up - but also somewhere you’ll see it every day. It might seem a little strange to have it displayed so publicly, but it is also a great way for your spouse, partner, friends, or family to know what you’re aiming toward, so they can be supportive. In fact, you and your partner can both create your own, and see how they intersect. Maybe you’ll find a fun new mutual goal to strive for together.

Get the most out of your vision board by taking action! What would it take to travel to Europe? When could it happen? Make a list of what needs to happen and when, then start knocking things off the list! You’ll be sipping champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower before you know it, and all because you lent a bit of focus (and action) toward your goal.

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