Have Fun EVERY Day to Lower Stress


Having fun is the best stress reliever. Having a good time can help lower your blood pressure, and can help you find perspective on a problem you’re facing. But, I hear a lot of people tell me they don’t have time for fun. Ugh, honestly that’s when you need to have fun the most! 

I suggest that people make time for at least 30 minutes of fun per day. Literally, put it on your calendar and treat it with the same importance as a doctor’s appointment. These 30 minutes shouldn’t include any expectations. The only thing it needs to “do” is be fun to you. It doesn’t have to seem fun to anyone else or be Instagram-worthy. You don’t need to accomplish anything -  this is just for your enjoyment only.

Where some people get stuck is deciding what to do for fun! It can be way harder than you think. We are so wrapped up in our day-to-day activities, that separating what we enjoy vs. what we know has to get done can be challenging. If you’re struggling with what to do to fill your 30 minute fun time block, or just want some more ideas, maybe it’s time to take a walk down memory lane! 

Think about it - what did you do for fun at age 9? 

Were you way into riding your bike around town? Did you love sitting out on a bench reading Babysitter’s Club books? Were you playing in the pool? Did you lose time drawing or coloring? Were you always out playing games with your friends? Use these clues from younger you to find out what might be fun. You don’t need to pop wheelies on your bike in your neighborhood, but maybe you could take your bike over to a trail and just ride for fun - not for speed or with a particular destination in mind. If you loved reading, pick up a new fiction book. Non-fiction books tend to be a secret way of “working on ourselves,” which is great - but not for pure enjoyment. Remember, we have no goals with this “fun time.” 

I challenge you to make a list of everything you remember doing for fun as a kid. Then, make another column and list how you could incorporate each of those activities in your life now. Maybe you’ll try coloring and be super bored, and that’s okay. We evolve as we get older, and maybe that’s just not the activity for you any more. Or maybe it needs to be adapted to be more interesting to you these days. Remember, we’re trying to have FUN here - so if something is not as great as you remember, move onto another thing on the list. 

A word of note. Our days have a finite number of hours in them, and there are a lot of things that you need to make time for, including at least 30 minutes of exercise. So, if something you loved doing as a kid qualifies for exercise now - you can feel free to combine those 30 minute time blocks into one! If you can find an activity you really love AND it gets you moving, I’m obviously on board! 

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