Brain Fog and Exhaustion, What's Going On?


A common complaint I hear as a Health Coach is lack of energy. The source of this problem can be complex. It could be purely physical, you could be sick or sleeping poorly. But a lot of times, people are burning the candle from both ends, and expecting top performance at all times. And then it happens - our bodies let us down. 

I used to struggle to stay awake past 8:30pm. It drove me crazy! I would bust my butt all day at work, come home and cook dinner, and then be too tired to do anything else. By the time the weekend rolled around, I would still be catching up on rest. I’d be too exhausted to go out and have fun. 

I was frustrated. After all, I was young and seemingly healthy. So why did I have so much brain fog and exhaustion all of the time? I brought it up to my doctor at my annual check-up. She said, “well you are probably just doing too much. I’m always amazed at how much women expect of themselves.” It struck a chord for me. Maybe I was expecting too much? But it still seemed like something else was going on.

Nowadays, I don’t really struggle with having enough energy, provided that I am getting a good night’s sleep. But former me would be relieved to know that there probably WAS something else going on. Chronic high levels of stress is not something our bodies are meant to deal with. After periods of long-term stress, the brain becomes hyper-reactive and is always ready for danger. As a result, higher brain functions like the ability to concentrate or focus begin to suffer. Brain fog, memory loss, anxiety, depression, and severe fatigue are all symptoms of ongoing chronic stress. When you’re in this mode, your energy level tends to be way down.

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