The Trick to Staying Sane When You Can't Predict The Future


Wouldn’t it be great if you had a crystal ball? You would know the pros and cons of every decision before you had to make it, and could have more certainty in that decision. You wouldn’t worry about wasting your time, making the wrong decision, or hurting someone you care about. Why? Because you would be able to see your way around any and all pitfalls and avoid them completely. Right? 

So here’s the deal with change and uncertainty. You just have to embrace it. 

I get excited about trying new things and being spontaneous. But admittedly, there are other uncertainties that I find harder to deal with. The big stuff, like whether to take a new job or where to move tend to make my mind twist and turn every possibility forward and backward again. I have spent endless hours over the years making pros and cons lists, talking about my options with anyone who would listen, and even spending time in my dreams working out the options in my head. You could call it analysis paralysis - the inability to move forward because you’re too busy analyzing every potential outcome! 

Truthfully, the lines on that pros and cons list don’t always capture the full picture. Even if it seems clear on paper which way you should go, something could still be holding you back from making the decision. 

What I began to notice in these moments, was that I didn’t need all the answers. I just needed to know everything was going to be okay. 

That’s not to say talking it out with friends or writing lists isn’t helpful. I think it is definitely part of the process. Sometimes during that analysis you’ll get a different perspective. But eventually, you have to get out of your head and trust your gut. Trust that you will be okay however it turns out, and make the decision with confidence. Sometimes really getting to the heart of the reason why you are feeling wishy washy can quiet your mind and help you find that trust. For me, that clarity happens when I’m taking a dog for a walk. Or driving across town. Or taking a long shower.

Take a breath, and ask yourself why you can’t decide. Then listen to your body. What emotions wash over you in those moments? How do you physically feel? What do you keep coming back to?

We live in a very analytical world and sometimes we forget that our own intuition, or gut feelings, can be a great indication of how to move forward. 

How often do you find yourself trusting your intuition? Is this something you struggle with? I can help you tune into your gut when it comes to tough decisions with a few simple tools. Send me a note and we can talk through it!