Life Hack: Experience More Joy Each Day


What do you enjoy doing? What makes you smile or laugh? Are those things on your to-do list today? A lot of times the daily grind can edge out the things that bring us joy. There are lots of things to do, the day doesn’t seem long enough, etc. But keep in mind, happiness lowers stress levels, increases your immune system’s function, and lowers your risk of disease. It also makes life more enjoyable than if you’re just slogging along.

Even doing just one thing that brings you joy each day, and taking a moment to notice it, is a powerful antidote to even the most frustrating of days. Try this:

  • Make a Joy List. This is a list of all the things you enjoy. Nothing is too small. Perhaps you love biting into an apple, smelling a flower, or getting into a bed with freshly clean sheets. If it gives you that feeling of joy, add it to your list. Stuck? Consider your senses. What smells, tastes, or textures make you feel especially good? Or, think back to things you enjoyed as a kid. There are often some good clues there!
  • Take a look at how you spend your day. Where could you fit in a little pleasure? Fitting in a break where you can do one of your Joy List items can give you the boost you need on any particular day.
  • Repeat daily. Train yourself to treat yourself to the things you enjoy often.