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Are you exhausted all the time? Dealing with big cravings that are making your jeans fit a little on the tight side? Is your brain fog causing you to forget more often, or have a hard time focusing? I have been there, and let me tell you that this does NOT need to be your new normal. I'm an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who can help you get back to feeling like yourself - with more energy, fewer cravings, and more focus. We build your personalized plan together, and I coach you through it - step by step! Healthy can be simple when you have a partner in your corner. 

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Individual Health Coaching

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What Clients Say

The best thing was being held accountable by a supportive and positive coach. Sara was a great person to work with to help create an actual lifestyle versus a diet. She helped find creative ways to implement activity into my busy days. She helped find ways to reduce stress where possible and to encourage self care. Sara was fun, upbeat, and found good ways to keep me on the right path.
— Lauren, 2017 client

The best investment I made in 2017 was the investment I made in myself by signing up for wellness coaching with Sara Ifert. During my 8 coaching sessions with Sara I lost 10 pounds, started sleeping better, and started enjoying more quality time with my friends and family. Even better, Sara left me with plenty of practical tips and tools that I continue to use everyday. Since working with Sara I’ve lost 15 more pounds and have added more balance to my life.

What I most appreciate about Sara is her ability to listen and offer individualized solutions that work for me. I’m very grateful for the coaching I received from Sara and highly recommend her to anyone who’s seeking a healthier and more balanced life.
— Dan, 2017 Client

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